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Vehicle Repair Options


Axles keep your wheels and frame together. They allow you to turn and drive.


The alternator keeps your car's battery charged and running on the road.


If you lose your battery, you lose power throughout your vehicle. No Go Go!


Brakes allow you to stop your vehicle. You don't want to go off a cliff, huh?

Fuel Injector

Fuel injectors supply your engine with fuel, allowing you to go go.


Engines are what power your vehicle, boat, or aircraft.


Modify your vehicle to what you want! Our mechanics can lower your car, add spoilers & more!


Mufflers allow your vehicle to be within the sound requirement in the state


Radiators keep your vehicle within cool operating temperatures.


Have you ever hit a pothole and not bounced? This is what shocks do to help.


Without tires on some of your vehicles, where do you plan on going?


Transmissions allow your vehicle to switch gears, increasing speed or providing addition torque to climb those nasty hills.


Wheels are attached to your brakes/axles which allow tires to be mounted to your vehicle. Wheels allow you to drive down the road safely.

Services: Car Brands

Vehicle Modifications and Paint Jobs


Vehicle modifications can be handled by our specially trained mechanics. We're able to come to you or perform them in our shop. There is a list of modifications that can be done, however, depending on the vehicle, some options may not be applicable as others. Some of these options include but are not limited to lowering your suspension, adding hydraulics, spoilers, hoods, roll cages, front and rear bumpers, wheels, and more not listed here. Ask your mechanic for more details!

Paint Jobs

For your primary and secondary colors, we have a large assortment of colors to choose from. However, if you would like to have a specific color, please use one of the "hex codes" listed on THIS website. Let your mechanic know you have a color code before your painting begins. Interior, pearlescent, wheel color and dashboard colors are picked from a color swatch. Please let your mechanic know what color you're looking for to assist in narrowing it to your perfect color! 


Liveries can be applied on some vehicles, boats, and aircraft. Some vehicles may not have the option to use a livery while others can. Please ask your mechanic if this is an option you're interested in.

Motorcycles, Watercrafts, and Aircrafts?

If you're thinking that mechanics only work on vehicles, you're wrong. Our mechanics here at Power Autos have been certified to work on an assortment of watercraft, motorcycles, and aircraft. No job too big, no job too small. We can handle it all. We provide top notch quality work to ensure you are a returning customer. Stop by or call one of our mechanics today! We'll see you soon!

Services: Car Brands
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